It’s no secret that we want to motivate, encourage, and spark positive impact in the world. We make our cause known everywhere we go, and we take responsibility for helping everyone live in a way that leaves the land and spaces in better condition than when we found them.  

Living sustainably at multi-day events (like Wonderfruit) takes small actions with big impacts. Making conscious choices to consume less, recycle more, and reduce our footprints isn’t difficult. It can be fun, simple, and even sexy. Here are just a few suggestions to make your party experience environmentally positive:

Getting there

Most festivals and events only exist for a short time, so everyone has to travel to get here. Your transport choices have the most significant impact on your emissions footprint, but what can you do about it? Choose to carpool, opt for a lower-emissions vehicle, or offset your flight with carbon credits. A one-way flight from London to Bangkok generates more than 1.5 tons of carbon, but you can recover your carbon with forestry credits or green business initiatives for less than $30. You’ll still make it to the event in style, and the planet will be happier for it.

The getup

Getting yourself festie fabulous is as much a part of the event life as front row selfies, late night dances, and bar queues. What covers you as you navigate the venue can leave an impression on the attendees around you, and the environment that surrounds. In place of plastic accessories, single-use items, or fast fashion, get involved in market stalls and workshops for a look that will last. And always, always remember: glitter is litter.

Show some heart

If food waste was a country, it would be the third worst polluter on earth. Think of what it took to get your food to your plate, and honor every step in the process by ordering only what you need, and reducing food waste to a minimum. For a bonus extra step in reducing the CO2 emissions of your meal, opt for vegetarian or vegan options.


Reduce, reuse, refill

Reusable cups are the simplest, most stylish way to reduce waste at an event, and can be a long-lasting souvenir of your time. Bring your own, or pick one up from simple wonder, and live that sustainable lifestyle long into the future.