The most common items in the bins at every event are cups. Single-use cups. For the sixth edition of Wonderfruit, the solution to this seemed simple: no single-use cups. This time, Wonderers were asked to bring their own (or buy one from us). 

Even with every initiative taken to reduce packaging and reliance on single-use products at Wonderfruit, there’s still a lot of waste. Tons of waste. 33 tons in 2018 alone. Most of that waste is packaging—the compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups you wine and dine from. These materials are returned to nature, but that doesn’t solve the main problem; there’s still too much waste. To address this, we need to all work together.


It was an adjustment. Everyone had to carry their own cup with them for every drink: morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, afternoon juice and evening libation. 


But it also paid off. Thanks to the introduction of the single-use cup ban, more than 200,000 fewer cups made it into compost in 2019. And with bar and drink sales holding steady from previous years, the inconvenience clearly wasn’t enough to stand in the way of enjoying the surroundings of the event.

We have some of our 16-ounce, refillable Wondercups available to order—to help you keep the no single-use attitude alive at future events here and everywhere. And if you do bring your Wondercup to Wonderfruit 2020, you’ll get a tasty discount on drinks throughout the weekend.