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We're in The Fields. The online store will be closed during Wonderfruit 2023 and will reopen in the new year.
The Gratitude Collection

The Gratitude Collection

Our annual gathering to bring together curious minds in celebration of art, culture, nature, music, food, and ideas relies on physical human connection—a hard ask in a pandemic. It’s been a tough time for the Wonderfruit community and the team behind the scenes. We’re asking our community to help keep the wonder alive, and support the future of the festival we all love with a collection of limited edition objects that celebrate our journey to where we are now. 

You, our community of Wonderers, are what makes Wonderfruit. If you are reading this, we are grateful for you.

Thank you, Wonderers.

We’re celebrating our journey, and everyone that’s joined us on it

Pick up a piece of the Wonderfruit story, and support the next chapter

With your support, Wonderfruit will return for years to come




2017 (again)



A new experience for a new community.

Building a sustainability platform within a festival.

Making positive choices fun: “hedonistic sustainability”.

Experimenting with new, integrated experiences.

A new home for collective action.

Unveiling the Pop-up City, a new outlook on how we create.

Live. Love. Wonder.